Morning Dilemma

Some mornings I wake up, walk to my Nespresso machine, make a double espresso and head to the gym. I feel accomplished and good about my morning routine. These mornings I try to lie to myself maybe I enjoy these morning coffees as much as I do sipping a glass of Champagne. I mean it is acidity in glass right?

Other mornings I wake up and I want to lay in bed. Perhaps I will spend enough time to get caught up on the latest series. Billions has been my latest go to. As someone who travels and takes a lot of early flights, I appreciate these mornings and want to make it last. Typically these are Sundays. I live alone so this presents an issue after a couple hours. I still want to say in bed, but I need a little Coffee or even better Champagne...I actually have to get out of bed? One would think that now, in the 21st century, we would have drones making deliveries bedside. If anyone has an app for that, I'll take it!

And then there are those mornings when I wake up, head straight to the refrigerator and pour myself a glass of champagne. Sometimes I think to myself, "is it too early to drink, especially alone?" Typically that lasts all of a few seconds, as the voice inside my head says, "Nah!" I mean is that not what Chef de Caves do every morning? So I continue to pour... The freshness, acidity, and flavors make it for the perfect alternative to Coffee.

Mornings are best for those buttery, brioche, toasty champagnes. Maybe a little Bollinger, Krug or why not have a little grower Blanc de Blancs. It is like I am having a croissant au beurre, but I rationalize that this liquid diet is better for the waste line. Damn does it make for a good morning.

Out of all the Mornings, these are my favorite. So what? You want a glass of Champagne at 8am. YOU DESERVE IT. Just make it a good Champagne and none of that sparkling crap ;)


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