A Challenging World and A time to Sip Champagne

With everything going on during this health crisis, it is important to note, that if we have our health and are at home safe and sound, why not celebrate this moment?

If we look back just a few weeks ago, we were all running around, hustling and bustling trying to make a dollar. We ran out the door, barely enjoyed our coffee, maybe taking our loved ones for granted and rushed through the week.

Now we are in a moment of silence with time on our side. We have the time for things like reading that book that has been on the nightstand since Christmas, doing a face mask that has been collecting dust, cleaning out a drawer or closet that we keep saying we will get back to, learning a new hobby that we've always wanted to try or binging on a TV show that everyone has been talking about. Or just spending time with or FaceTiming the people you love.

Whatever it is, we have this time to celebrate life again. To do something that is not only better for you, but better for us as a society long term. Read that book. Watch that YouTube Video. Spend time with your loved ones. By becoming better individuals while we are at home and utilizing this time for some good we make society better. Perhaps we were moving too fast and this is our time to slow down and reflect. SO celebrate today. Raise that glass of Champagne and look to a bright future.

And in the words of Iron Man, "I'm sorry, earth is closed today." or today we are closed for business. You do you and be the best you can be. Earth will be back soon. I mean Iron Man always saves the day right?

With lots of love XO Jessica

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